La Riviere Viaur

La riviere Viaur

Le Viaur, en Aveyron, est une riviere de haute dénitage affluent de la Riviere L’Aveyron. Située au Sud-Ouest de Rodez, elle a une superficie de 1 561 km2. Itinéraire depuis les ponts de Salars et du Thuries, le Viaur a été confluent par 60 affluents dans un bassin versant appartenant aux rives Tarn Aveyron et le Garonne.

Cette ancienne rivière est aujourd’hui reconnue pour son eau, ses paysages, les villages alentours et les eaux qui traversent la riviere. Très touristique, ce village cosmopolite a toujours accueilli des nationalities: belges, allemandes, americaines, hollandaises etc. Vous choisissez de nombreux itinéraires: randonnées, pédestres, vélo urbain, ballades en kayak, escalade, cabanes, vacances gastronomiques, tours d’aventure, voyages d’autentisme et sommaire.

La riviere Viaur (Aveyron, France) is the third largest riviere in Europe, it runs along the southern part of the Midi-Pyrenees. It is also the highest riviere in the region with a total height of 1 084 meters.

The riviere is known for its diverse wildlife and its many rivers. It is a popular place for fishermen, swimmers and watersports enthusiasts.

During the summer, a vast array of fish can be seen in the river, including barges and pike. The riviere also boasts a wealth of other fauna, and some species of birds are especially found in this area.

Some of the most interesting species include the stork, the cormorant and the white stork. These birds are particularly abundant in the affluent and on the banks of the river.

Another species to look out for are the flamingos and the kingfisher, which are both common in the riviere. Both scavenge for food, but the flamingos will often catch a few insects for their diet.

Other animals that live in the riviere include the otters, and the foxes. These animals will eat fish, as well as scavenged foods such as nuts and leaves.

In addition to these mammals, there are also numerous reptiles, such as the lizards. The crocodile is an important predator of these creatures, and the tiger snake can be very aggressive in the riviere.

There are also several birds that can be seen in the riviere, but most of them are nocturnal. The vulture is a notable exception, and it can be seen in many of the affluents.

If you are looking for a more quiet place to spend your vacation, this is a good option. You can rent a camper and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the riviere during your stay.

During the winter, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains surrounding the riviere. There is also plenty of skiing in the winter months.

Aside from its natural beauty, the riviere is home to several archaeological sites, including a medieval castle dating back to the 10th century. This is a great destination for a family holiday or a romantic getaway!

The riviere is one of the most interesting places in the Aveyron region and is a favorite place for tourists. It is also a great location for fishing, sailing, hiking and camping.